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Spent The Day In Bed / First Love, Last Love

A big thank you to everyone that that has been thinking of getting my new single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’. It is great to have so much support from you all, and hopefully I will also get my hands on a copy but it’s a limited edition so I’d better move fast. Also a big thank you to Morrissey for writing such a cool song! The chorus says ‘Stop watching the news as the news contrives to frighten you’….How true! Where to get the record.

The Last Polar Bear - Dana Gillespie + AI Collaboration 

The last time Dana Gillespie participated in a song competition with her track "Move Your Body Close To Me," she not only emerged victorious but also saw the song soar to the top of the charts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Now, Dana is back in her 60th year in music with "The Last Polar Bear," a unique collaboration with Casperaki, an AI startup dedicated to creating generative music, founded by Mathias Strasser. This innovative partnership has yielded a song that's in the running to represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest. Your support can make a difference! If you believe "The Last Polar Bear" has legs, leave a comment to encourage the judges to advance it to the final selection round on February 24th in San Marino, where the representative for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen.

The Best Christmas Ever



You know, I’m counting the days, in so many ways

Till you’re home with me, finally

1. We’ve been apart, so now my aching heart

Is waiting for you, to come home to

Hold me tight

2. Sometimes it’s been tough, but now I’ve had enough

Of holding on, since you’ve been gone

It’s time to reunite

Chorus 1

Let’s make it the best Christmas ever

I’ve got a big surprise

When you open your eyes, you’ll see

3.It’s been so long, that I’ve been strong

Sleeping alone, but life on my own

Sure ain’t fun

4.So I made a vow, that I’ve kept till now

Not long to go, then I will know

The battle is won

5. One thing is clear, the moment you appear

I’ll run to your side, ‘cos I’m satisfied

Our love’s begun

Chorus 1

Let’s make it the best Christmas ever

I’ve got a big surprise

When you open your eyes, you’ll see

Chorus 2

Let’s make it the best Christmas ever

I’ve got a cracker for you

I’ll give you a clue….it’s me!


Unwrap this parcel of love

And thank you lucky stars above

Move Your Body  Close To Me at SXSW

Dana Gillespie & The London Blues Band Revive her Classic No. 1 Hit "Move Your Body Close To Me" at SXSW

Austin, Texas — The 2023 edition of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival showcased a blend of veteran talent and rising stars, but it was the legendary Dana Gillespie who stole the show. Accompanied by The London Blues Band, Gillespie brought the audience to their feet with a spirited performance of her 1980s number one hit "Move Your Body Close to Me."

Decked in her signature style, with flowing, colorful attire, the evergreen singer-songwriter seemed to defy time as she poured her heart and soul into the rendition. Gillespie's powerful vocals resonated throughout the packed venue, as the crowd couldn't help but join in on the infectious chorus.

The London Blues Band proved to be the perfect backing ensemble for Gillespie's blues-infused pop gem. Their dynamic performance and tight musicianship added a fresh twist to the classic hit, bridging the gap between its nostalgic charm and contemporary appeal. The band's guitar licks, groovy basslines, and pulsating drum beats provided a vibrant, rhythmic backbone, while their soulful keyboard flourishes accentuated the song's melody.

The highlight of the performance came during the electrifying guitar solo, which garnered enthusiastic cheers from the captivated audience. Dana Gillespie and The London Blues Band breathed new life into "Move Your Body Close to Me," proving that great music transcends generations and remains relevant decades after its release.

As the song drew to a close, the festival-goers couldn't contain their excitement, showering the stage with rapturous applause. This memorable performance demonstrated that, even after more than five decades in the industry, Dana Gillespie's magnetic charisma and unwavering passion for music remain undiminished.

If the SXSW appearance is any indication, Gillespie and The London Blues Band have plenty of musical magic left to offer. Fans of the iconic singer should keep their eyes and ears open for more tour dates and new material from this indomitable artist.